Lyndel Morgan is a self-taught artist in photography. For more than eight years she has been photographing the United States with her partner, creating a collection of work that is reflective of nature, wildlife, and the abstract environment.  

Newly retired from a career serving the community, Lyndel is finding more time now for travel and photography. In 2014, her humming bird photo was selected for a National Wildlife Federation photo of the week. Some of her latest work includes images from Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks, the mountains of Colorado, and beautiful landscapes from Santa Fe and Sedona.  This past fall, Lyndel spent time in China where she photographed treasures including the Great Wall, Three Gorges, Chinese culture and of course panda bears. 

 A long time resident, Lyndel was raised in San Dimas, graduating from San Dimas High School in 1976. She went on to attend the University of La Verne, completing her degree in Education. 

Artist Statement

"I use photography as a mechanism to explore the world around me.  I make pictures that capture a moment in a beautiful environment, that I may once again in the future revisit to feel the experience.  I am drawn to geometric patterns concealed in architecture and streetscapes that are missed at first glance, yet provide eye-catching abstracts.

My choice of subject comes from a place of inspiration that can be stimulated by an emotional association, or a small detail I wish to bring greater attention.  I am fascinated with the power of the sun to illuminate and hide in shadow throughout the day as I learn to capture its essence.

Photography has altered my perception of the world, beckoning me to be present in the moment.  I create photos that provide moments of inspiration, curiosity, exhilaration, wonder, contemplation, and enjoyment. "