April Dawn has been photographing the world for the past 30 years. She is a photographer at heart and passionate about her art. In 1988 she received an Associate Degree in Photography from Citrus College and immediately began a career as a photographer’s assistant at the Lockheed Corporation. During the next eight years she captured a variety of subjects including classic Lockheed aircraft like the SR-71, F-117A, and F-22.

In 1996, April began a new chapter in her life as the University Photographer for the California State Polytechnic University, in Pomona. April provided photography for all University events, and had the opportunity to work on global photojournalism projects that took her to destinations in West Africa, Israel, Gaza, and Jordan where she focused on capturing the essence of the culture, people, and regions.

In 2000, a new position at Cal Poly Pomona gave April the chance to broaden her career into the field of eLearning.  While the photography opportunities in this position were less, April continued to pursue her passion in her spare time and has developed an impressive collection of images during the past three decades. April Dawn is a resident of San Dimas and a returning artist to 2nd Story Gallery. She will be showcasing a series of images from both State and National Parks for her next  2nd Story Gallery show in May.


Artist Statement

I use photography as a means of expression - a way to share with others the way
I see the world. I use the world as a studio, nature as a backdrop and the sun as a light source.

No matter where my journey takes me, I have camera in hand, chasing light, finding hidden beauty in elements most people do not take the time to stop and see.

My creativity and love for animals runs deep in my spirit. I feel most connected to this world when I am photographing an animal.  When their soulful eyes meet mine is when I know I am right where I’m meant to be in that enlightened moment.